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Welcome to Upland Chamber of Commerce’ web site. We have been working several months to bring to you an improved site that will meet all of your needs and ours. As you peruse through the site, let us know your thoughts.  

    You are a member of a dynamic chamber of commerce. Check out all that we have to offer. If advertising and marketing your business is difficult; then our marketing program is the perfect cooperative advertising/marketing campaign for you!  Our special events include our annual golf tournament.  For the first time we played at Red Hill Country Club, a private course. For our golfers that was a coup. Our Annual Taste of the I.E. in May, location to be announced this year. If you missed this year, put it on your May calendar now,  you won’t want to miss this spectacular event. A portion of money raised goes back to non-profits within our community. Our 9th Annual Leadership Academy was completed in May and was better than ever. Be sure to check out this fabulous program, grooming future leaders for our community and sign up in 2014.  

    If networking is your passion, be sure to join us each month for First Friday. What a way to end your week, meeting enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you! If you currently are not a member of the Upland Chamber of Commerce just hit that Join Now button at the top and sign up today……you’ll be glad you did!

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2016 Annual Installation Dinner & Leadership Academy Graduation

Gourmet Golf Tournament 2016

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